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Keeping it simple while traveling for work

Today’s topic – KIS (Keeping it Simple) while traveling for work…..

My job has ebbed and flowed with travel.  2011 I traveled once.  2010 was more like 30,000 miles.   Not sure what 2012 has in store for me (as I sit in my hotel room……..for work).   I have learned a lot mostly by trial and error on traveling for work.

  1. If you can help it, don’t take the earliest flight because this means with a 6AM flight you need to be at the airport between 4:30-5:00 which means you are waking up probably around 3:00 if your lucky (not a very good nights sleep).
  2. Drink lots of fluids the day before, during and after.
  3. Always pack in your carry on cash, extra set of underwear, a good book, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush (and for women……feminine products).  I have only been caught without my luggage once and was glad to have these items with me.  Delta was kind enough too to provide a convenience pack which included a Delta t-shirt and some toiletries.  (Just ask).
  4. Sit in the aisle on the airplane (so you don’t have to climb over people to use the facilities).
  5. Sit closer to the front (exits faster).
  6. Choose an exit row if available (more room).
  7. Sign up for frequent flier, rental, stay (hotel) points.  I “paid” for half of my Christmas gifts with these.
  8. Don’t overdo it.   16 hour days are overrated.
  9. Sometimes the most expensive hotels are NOT the best.  Read the reviews.  Ask colleagues.
  10. Bring a book you haven’t had time to read.
  11. WORKOUT.  Most hotels have gyms.
  12. Don’t bring valuables with you on the trip.
  13. Eat healthy (don’t overindulge).
  14. Go to bed early.
  15. Lay your clothes out and your items out the night before so you are not rushing in the morning.


That’s it for now…………….

The BEST holidays

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