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I made two stupid subway errors today. The first involved going East instead of West and the second was when I was just not paying attention and missed my stop. What a plonker! Also, I definitely broke my TTC pass.

I bought food from WalMart this morning as No Frills don’t take Visa and I’ve still not been paid yet. The woman on the til started what sounded like chatting me up. It turned out she was trying to push a WalMart credit card on to me and she just would not give up. She literally asked me at least 6 times, and even then she wouldn’t give me my receipt until I’d signed my visa receipt. Then she said, I’ll ask again you next time I see you. Seriously love, if you do that, I WILL flip out.

Next stop was jibberling, jubberling, or as non-Croatians call it, juggling. It was such a nice day out today that we soon abandoned the inside venue and went to the park. It was a very nice afternoon and I even got some diabolo passing in with another guy.

Work tomorrow, what a load of bollocks :(

The BEST holidays

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