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I’ve Forgotten…..Everything!

Oh sigh.  Working at a hotel can be so frustrating sometimes.  People are becoming more stressed out, which makes them even more rude and demanding.  It’s really hard on the head sometimes.  I mean, why do people have to be so RUDE?  (Please be nice to hotel staff when you go on vacation.  They’ve done nothing to you to deserve being snapped at.  Thank you  :-)

And I don’t know what it is, but for some (or most) people, going on holiday seems to strip them of the ability to perform the most menial everyday tasks.  I’m just not sure….perhaps one’s mind goes on vacation when their body does.  For example, a guest called the front desk last week and asked (sounding rather annoyed) how to use the internet.  So I asked if they were trying to connect to the wireless or high speed connection.  To which the guest spit (yes, literally spit) back at me, “Well I didn’t turn my computer on yet!”  Oh dear.  When I go on vacation, I at least try to do everything on my own first, before calling the front desk.

And here’s another example of what I’ve affectionately named “Traveller’s Helplessness”.  For numerous earthlings, the internet seems to become very confusing to navigate whilst on vacation.  People are always asking things like: “How do I check my hotmail on this computer?”, or “How do I get on the internet?” (referring to the guest computer in the lobby)  Now, I realize that all computers are a little different, but the same concept applies for checking your email on someone else’s computer as it does for checking on your own computer (unless, of course, you have a program like outlook express that you can only check on your home PC).  And I’m pretty sure the Internet Explorer icon looks the same on all computers!  (Yes, I realize some people use Mozzilla, but it’s not the norm).  Above all, my favorite question was “What password do I use for my hotmail?”  Um, you tell me and we’ll both know!  Then I can log in to your email, send all of your contacts a bunch of spam and delete everything in your inbox.  hehe  ;-)

And the telephone.  Yes, I realize you have to press “8″ or “9″ to get out when at a hotel, but it’s not too difficult after that.  One guest asked me how to make a long distance call. “How do I make a long distance call?  I pressed “8″ and nothing happened!”  “Nothing happened after you dialed the number?” “Well, I didn’t dial the number yet…”
Um, how about you try that and let me know how it goes?  lol

Guest: How do I log on to Facebook?”
FDA: Well, just type in the address line at the top, then go from there.
Guest: Oh.

Guest: Can someone come to my room and explain the shower to me?
FDA: Oh, I’m sorry. Is something wrong with it?
Guest: No.  I just looks confusing.

Guest: I need you to come with me to look at something!
FDA: I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to leave the desk, but I’d be happy to call the duty manager to go with you.
Guest: I don’t have time right now.  I’ll come back later.  Can someone come with me then?
FDA:  Yes, when you come back, I’ll call the duty manager to go with you.
Guest: Yes, but will someone be able to come with me when I come back?
FDA: Yes, m’am, the duty manager will go with you to take a look.
Guest: But will someone be able to come with me?!!?
And now I think to myself: Oka-ay.  One of us is not understanding and I’m pretty sure it’s you!  Am I not speaking english?
After staring at the guest for a few seconds I finally just say:
FDA: Yes.
And the guest goes away.

Guest: It’s cold in my room.  How do I turn on the heat?
FDA: Did you try the thermostat on the wall?
Guest: Well….no…..
Uh huh.

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

The BEST holidays

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