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Italy in NYC: Eataly

The highlight of my junior year in college was my spring semester study abroad program in Rome, Italy. Aside from eating more bread and pasta than I ever have in a five month span, I was able to take full advantage of the weekends and the two-week long Spring Break to travel throughout Europe, especially all over Italy. When it came to food, I saw piazzas, cheese shops, cafes, dessert shops, butcheries, tons of family owned restaurants, and many more such establishments. However, it is only in NY that you can find almost all of what Italy has to offer, and a ton more, housed under one giant roof. Welcome to Eataly, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by culinary connoisseur, Mario Batali (and a few of his friends). This sprawling 50,000 square foot marketplace is complete with a variety of delicious restaurants (one for fish, one for vegetables, one for pizza and pasta, and a few others) and distinct areas for meats, seafood, cheeses, wines, vegetables, desserts, coffee, pastas, gadgets, and just about anything else you may need, including an Italian ATM. One of my favorite areas has to be where they keep all of the olive oils. Calling it a vast selection would be an understatement. In addition, the service is impeccable and someone is always willing to help. For example, a vegetable butcher will even prep and cut your vegetables for you! Between shopping for your home and trying out the different eateries, you can easily spend the entire day in Eataly. It’s a different kind of a shopping experience.

Address: 200 Fifth Avenue (between 23rd and 24th Street, NYC;

Signage throughout Eataly

The vegetable market

Foods from some of the many sections


Dessert to always end on a sweet note

The BEST holidays

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