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Irish Dance Feis Trip Packing List

Irish dancers carrying dress bags and backpacks ~ photo by Shelly Hathaway Photography

The night before leaving for a Feis can be stressful. Yes, you’re nervous for the competition and you hope your flight arrives on time, but that’s not what I’m referring to. An experienced Irish dancer knows that making sure you have everything you need for spending all day at a Feis is very important. If you don’t take time to focus when you’re packing your bag, you might miss something really important like sock glue or even your wig.

I’ve been Feising for 7 years and I still forget stuff all the time. The packing process always ends up taking longer than I planned, so sometimes I’ll do it a day early just so I can get plenty of sleep the night before the flight. When I first started going on Feis trips, it would have helped me a lot to have a packing list to help me know what to bring. So for those of you who are are new to Feis trips, I’ve created a list of items every Irish dancer will need. This list should help save you time as well as ease the stress so you can focus on the Feis, rather than spend your whole flight worrying you might have forgot something.

Feis Trip Packing List
This list is in order of importance. Items listed at the top should be packed FIRST! If you forget items at the top of this list you’ll probably go into ‘panic mode’ when you realize they are not in your bag. Items listed at the bottom can be packed last since they are not as important. Note: this list includes items needed for the Feis only, not the rest of your vacation.

  • Hard shoes (polish before packing)
  • Ghillies
  • Solo dress (and cape)
  • Team dress (if competing with a team)
  • Kick pants
  • 2 pair of poodle socks or black tights (always have a backup pair)
  • Wig
  • Hairpins & ponytail holders
  • Headband or tiara
  • Makeup & hairspray
  • Sports bra & underwear
  • Undershirt that matches kick pants
  • Black duct tape
  • Sock glue
  • Warm-up clothes (t-shirt, shorts & sneakers)
  • Empty water bottle (they will make you dump a full water bottle at check-in)
  • Costume accessories (glitter, shoe buckles)
  • Safety pins (to attach your competition number)
  • Cash (if you wish to buy food or shop at a Feis, they don’t take credit cards)
  • Feis schedule & syllabus (print them out before you leave)
  • Book, iPod (something to pass the time while you wait to dance)
  • Small bag to carry shoes and other things (trust me, you don’t want to lug a huge suitcase around all day)
  • Camera (for awards photos)

Can you think of anything else you should pack for a Feis?

Photo by Shelly Hathaway Photography

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