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Investors are wanted for this resort development.

Please email for more information.

Small investors

This resort will be built by small investors.  Minimum investment is rm$ 100,000

We want to encourage the concept of 1Malaysia and make sure that as many people as possible benefit from the economic development of the tourist market in Malaysia.

Green Investment

This will be a sustainable Green Investment suitable for environmentally conscious investors around the world. We believe the planet is finite and any resort development  needs to plan towards regulations and attitudes that could be accepted standards by 2020. The cost of incorporating Green Technology during the construction of the resort is much less than the cost of retrofit.  If at all possible the resort will use the best available technologies to meet or exceed the highest environmental standards. The architects, designers and consultants for this resort all agree that the LEED, Green Globe and other standards will only get tougher and the market for resorts will require these standards.

Please read the project concept document available on the download page.

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Where is SabahMap of Sabah
email to register interest –

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