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Into the Future


I’m saying it now, before I’m too tired or too drunk to say it at midnight. But really, it doesn’t make a difference when we all take the step into 2012, in the end it’s all mental and relative, the new year itself is arbitrary. Good thing I like arbitrary things. As far as I’m concerned, it can start right now because right now is when I move ahead.

But before you all go out there tonight (or wake up tomorrow to wonder what happened) I want to leave you with one of my own observations (which isn’t, buy any means, unique to myself).

The funnest part about the new year is looking back and then looking ahead, separating out our lives into pieces or chapters, like in a book. One year follows the next, in order, but we can flip back whenever we want to whatever we want, and can only assume what the future will hold. We wait in anticipation for the next, always having regret and satisfaction, usually in equal doses. The New Year is such a mystery, like a present we can’t wait to unwrap. I love New Year’s Eve because it’s devoted to people we choose. The ones we love not because we are blood but because they are amazing and interesting people; our friends and not just our families. Sure, the party is fun too, but in truth the best part is the celebration of being friends. The people we pick. I love that about New Years. My friends and I can get dressed up and go out to the biggest parties in town. We can meet up with other people and have the best night of the year, a night that is known for its excessive nature; a night where it’s okay to indulge in ourselves. We can go all out and then tell ourselves (sometimes truthfully and sometimes only in intentions) that this is the last night we’ll be doing so. Yeah, okay; whatever makes it easier on you. Personally, I’m okay with the lying to myself, it makes me happy. Besides, I don’t have resolutions. I’m not really that kind of girl (yep). Instead I get ideas in my head throughout the year that I set my mind on and then give up on sporadically. You might say this is similar to most people’s new year’s resolutions, but I like to think that I’m more resolute than that (hehehe). =)

I don’t know what you do but whatever it is, I hope it works. I wish you good luck. And because I have nothing else on my mind to write about, I’m going to share my (first time ever!) set of resolutions for the new year. See, I told you things were a bit different this year.

Number one has got to be working out. I worked out a lot this year but recently I’ve been more slack and need to get back on track. I’m going to start by riding my bike to work, the whole 28+ miles of hills there and back, I think that will be enough to replace the gym.

Number two will have to be money. I’m going to start saving for some things. One will be to pay off my car loan. Two will be to move into my own place and three will be to travel. I really want to go back to Europe, see New Zealand, and ride a horse across Ireland. The last bit sounds the most amazing but I’m sure all will be equally rewarding.

Number three is to finish my book (which will actually help, hopefully, on the money-thing). I have about four books I’ve started and been working on, but only one that I need to finish. I think once I finish the first one I’ll know how to finish the others. Writing is hard. Knowing what to write about is even harder. I think this will be my toughest but most rewarding (if completed) resolution.

Number four will be about me. Just me. To start dating again and maybe even meet someone great. Love is hard to find and even harder to maintain. In the end it’s all worth it, but lately I’ve been neglecting myself, and my love life; so this New Years I’m making it a goal.

Here’s to a publishing deal, true love, graduate school, and an around the world vacation, Cheers! And again, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! <3 ~Logan

The BEST holidays

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