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‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ – Part 1

I slacked off after coming to Berlin. I didn’t take as many pictures (still a lot!) and this is the first time I’m writing in my blog in over a week. We arrived in Berlin on the 23rd. It was rainy and cloudy, much like my beloved Seattle weather. We tried to go sightseeing on Christmas Eve, but we got too wet and cold. However, we were able to see the beautiful Victory Column and enjoy a little walk through Tiergarten.

Victory Column in the middle of Tiergarten.

One of the random statues in Tiergarten. Tiergarten literally translates to Animal Garden. It is a beautiful park where previous electors used to go hunting… which I guess explains the statues.

Berlin is very beautiful around Christmas time, unfortunately for tourists most things close down Christmas Eve. Not every place… McDonalds was still open. It is quite comforting to know that every where I go, I can always find a McDonalds and Starbucks. However, I can honestly say I never expected to have McDonald’s breakfast on Christmas morning.

Ordering at McDonalds. Such a smart invention – like the self-checkout lines in grocery stores – why don't more restaurants have ordering kiosks?!?

Christmas dinner was turkish food.

The neighborhood we went to for Christmas dinner. Some 7ft. tall man gave us directions when he noticed we were looking a little lost… and maybe a little out of place. :)

Today is our last day in Berlin. I am so excited to see my little boy again… I’ve never been this ready to go home after a vacation. But I do plan to post later about the museums we visited, the hacking conference where Rich presented and more… :)

See all my Europe pics here.

The BEST holidays

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