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I Came, I Saw, I Conquered


I have returned from L’Ottawa just a tad more French and much more fashionable. I came, I saw, I conquered the Rideau Centre in typical Paige-in-another-city fashion. If there’s a mall/outlet centre/fashion district, I will destroy it and take home the best finds that my bank account will allow.

Let me begin with Forever21 and my shameless love for their affordable clothing, especially when it comes to trendy clothing that you don’t want to spend too much on, because it may be pass√© in two months’ time. I found some fabulous blouses but I was frugal and only purchased one: a girl can only do so much hand-washing before it becomes a pain in the derriere.

Because I am a proud mama of my purchases:

  1. Forever21 Collared Pintuck Pleats Blouse – $27.80:

    Perfect for work or a night out with girl friends!

  2. Forever21 20 Denier Sheer Tights in Dusty Blue – $4.50:

    This colour looks way better in person: so vivid!

  3. Forever21 Dove & Heart Charm Necklace in Silver – $3.80:


  4. Forever21 Geo Link Chain Necklace – $12.80:

    I’ve been looking for a necklace like this forever!

  5. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop – $44 (I definitely don’t look like this model, but hey):

    Wunder Unders are my go-to for working out and running.

  6. American Eagle Jeggings in Black – $39.99:

    I swear by American Eagle jeans (because they come in the most perfect short length) and these jeggings actually had pockets. They didn’t even look like jeggings – perfection!

  7. Roots Cabin Socks in Petal Pink – $16.50:

    My sisters have monopolized all of the cabin socks so I got my own in a different colour. It’s tough out here!

  8. Forever21 Black Cross Pattern Tee – $16.80¬†(I couldn’t find the shirt on the site for some reason but it was a black loose tee with a bronze metallic cross pattern on the front. So flattering.)

And because I’m the nicest sister ever, I picked this up for my little sister, because she loves the cross trend at the moment as well.

  • Forever21 Cross Print Tee – $16.80:

    Probably going to borrow this…

  • I also picked up this neat little black studded collar from Marshall’s that can be put on any shirt. Since I couldn’t find a studded shirt for her, I picked this strange but amazing accessory up. I’ll try it out as well and let you know how it goes. It was only $12.99 at Marshalls and came in silver and gold studs (I got the silver one…more versatile, I think.)

I’m heading to Chicago for American Thanksgiving with my mom for a short “graduation” trip and I am beyond excited but nervous for a new city to conquer. Whenever I’m outside of the GTA, it’s like any money I spend on shopping is Monopoly money that doesn’t actually come from my bank account. This poses a serious problem when I’m on vacation…especially in the States where there are better shoes, deals and more stores to choose from. I am a complete and utter shopaholic.


The BEST holidays

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