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I-80 Off Ramp

We knew there’d be an “off-ramp” some day soon.     This final off-ramp led to our homes tonight.  I dropped off my friend “M” at her house, I stopped off at my own home-town  grocery store to get some juice, and — after 4,550 miles — finally drove up into my own driveway.

And to this:

With a deeply grateful heart,   I’ll spend the next few hours there.     I am still astonished and full of wonder that our roads were dry and our skies were sunny,  Hubbie’s old car had no problems, I saw no accidents, and there were no “near misses.”

All that may be coincidence, happy circumstances, luck.

But I know that all that  was an answer to specific prayers.

Deo gratias.


The BEST holidays

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