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How To Choose The Perfect Hotel

Palace Hotel swimming pool, San Francisco, Cal...

Palace Hotel Swimming Pool, San Francisco, California, USA

Of course, the search for a hotel should begin well before the trip! No one wants to arrive in a city and find that there’s no decent hotel around, so reservations should be made well in advance, perhaps even before travel arrangements are made. Here are some things to consider when choosing a hotel.

Location, Location, Location
The first thing a guest would want to know is the hotel’s location. A hotel might have wonderful service, but if it’s at the end of a badly lit cul-de-sac, it might give the guest pause before they make a reservation. Kids might want to be only a short distance from an amusement park or other kid magnet. Not only is the location of the hotel important, but for many guests, the location of the room is important. Many people would prefer a view of the beach or mountains over the view of a service alley. The guest should make this clear when booking a room.

Some guests are fine with a hotel that provides nothing more than a maid bringing in a bucket of ice when it’s asked for. Other guests would like Wi-Fi so they can easily work from their room. Others wouldn’t mind a swimming pool, a sauna, a spa, a gym, a laundry and an in-room bar. It pays to compare hotels and what they charge, or don’t charge, for their amenities.

Other People’s Recommendations
The potential guest should check out on-line hotel review sites, as well as speak to friends and relatives who have stayed at the hotel. On-line reviews are not only informative, but can be hilarious, especially the bad ones. Still, no matter how much bad reviews make a guest laugh, a hotel with too many of them should be avoided.

True Value
The guests should comparison shop for hotels. They should check out how many AA stars the hotel has, its amenities, its location and whether it suits the purpose of the trip, then choose accordingly. Many hotels offer discounts and deals during the off season. This should be taken advantage of as well.

Is the hotel easy to get to from the airport or is finding a taxi or bus to and from the place an ordeal that makes a guest swear they’ll never come back? Is there something like mass transit in the city where the hotel’s located? Does the hotel have its own transportation to the airport /rail/bus terminal? If the guest rents a car, does the hotel provide visitor parking? This is important if the guest doesn’t want to spend their time cooped up even in a luxurious hotel, or moving their rental car from one side of the street to the other.

A little bit of planning ahead when it comes to choosing a hotel can save the guest a world of hurt, needless expense and frustration!

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