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Hotel Stories

I’m not entirely sure, but I think that most people deem hotels as highly uninteresting places.  I mean, who wants to be in the hotel when there are new places to see, new foods to taste, new things to do?  But for me, hotels are very interesting places.  Hotels have so many different, fascinating characters and people in them.  There are the rich, spiffy gents and ladies who stay in the expensive hotel suites and fill the elevators with the scent of their perfume.  There are the young and hale Americans and Europeans who are backpacking through Asia, always dressed in cargo pants and have their hair in braids.  And then there are the average, noisy tourists who are always fumbling with their cameras and children and baggage.  But even more fascinating are the hotel’s stories.  There’s a story in every room.  Every valet, every maid, every manager has a story.  And that’s what makes a hotel interesting.

Well, here I am in the Marina Mandarin, Singapore, observing all of these characters and watching and listening for such stories.

This the view up from the lobby.

Keep on reading for more posts on my visit to Singapore!

The BEST holidays

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