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Hotel Room de Helsinki, a one-room hotel

 Hotel Room de Helsinki, un hotel con una sola habitaciónRecently it has been successfully opened, the Hotel Room of Helsinki (Finland). This hotel has a feature that sets it apart from other hotels, and you have one single room.

There are many hotels (in Finnish is said hotellit) looking for new ways to capture the attention of customers, for the purpose of this unique hotel, which is clearly not lacking in originality.

Staying at this hotel does not have much to do with the cheap, the price per night is 120 euros, but if customers want to spend a minimum of six nights, the price is 65 euros.

It is located in the district of Kallio, a bohemian area of the capital of Finland. Your room has been created by local graphic designer Janne Hänninen has all the comforts of a small apartment with kitchen, well equipped, has wiffi and includes breakfast, has a vintage decor that makes it very cozy.

The idea of ​​adding more hotel rooms go over time, the really funny thing is that each of the suites would be in different cities of the world. The owners have confirmed that the next room will be in Berlin.

Hotel Room Helsinki, un hotel con una sola habitaciónThe beauty of this new category of hotels is that guests are treated in a personalized way, obviously having a single room, in charge of the reception are the same owners of the hotel.

It is very well located as it is located only 15 minutes from downtown Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

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