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Hotel Glamazons

It’s probably abundantly clear at this point that I like to travel. A lot. And as much as I like to travel, I also like to plan my trips. I love researching each location and poring over the details of each itinerary. The kind of trip I’m taking dictates the details I am attending to and how I allot my research time. Depending on the location and kind of trip, the hotel may or may not be something I put a lot of time and energy into. There are some trips I take where it’s all about the location and I could care less about what the hotel looks and feels like, because I know I will only be using it as a place to sleep. There are other times, however, when I take a trip to rejuvenate myself or relax. During those trips, the hotel matters a lot. It needs to be what I like to call a glamazon hotel, which means it’s aesthetics are both stunning and inviting and designed with comfort in mind. I’m currently lusting after stays in two hotels – one of which I’ve already booked for a trip in mid November. The other I hope to visit sometime this winter. What are the two hotels that have caught my fancy?

A beautiful shot of the Korakia's stunning Morrocan doors (and thanks to Stacey for the photo!).

The first is Korakia in Palm Springs. This dessert oasis has become somewhat famous for their large offering of boutique hotels. Even in a town where there’s fierce competition among the establishments in the area, Korakia seems to stand out. They’ve divided the property into Italian themed and Morrocan themed villas and every last room looks inviting, comfortable and luxurious. I had friends who stayed here after their wedding and absolutely raved about the place. I don’t have a reservation yet, but hope to be able to stay here during a trip to SoCal in late January/early February.I dare you to visit their website and check out their gallery and not fall into travel lust.




The next hotel that’s set my heart fluttering is in Santa Fe. The Hotel St. Francis is a converted monastery in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. It appears to be sleek and modern, while still offering a nod to the building’s past. I will be staying at this hotel during a trip to New Mexico in mid November and I can’t wait. I hope it fulfills my expectations!

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