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Hormones and Delayed Reactions

When the past that is living inside of a person decides to rear it’s head, stressor drugs, or hormones, are released into the body. The hormones that get released are preparing the body for life-threatening danger. The issue or disorder is that the life threatening incident is over. You already survived! It is the past being processed that causes the hormone surges. The fight, flight, or freeze responses are a delayed reaction to a traumatic instance.

The most effective way to handle the incidents of fight, flight, or freeze is to remember these two things:

  1. That it is temporary, and
  2. that focusing on your breath will calm down the nervous system.

You can practice this skill when not highly triggered with simple observations of your breath. Are you breathing slowly? Quickly? Can you control your breathing rate? Have some fun with it, if you can. Sometimes the most basic things get lost when the past floods in and overtakes the brain. Getting back to the basics is helpful. From a physiological standpoint, the quickest way to calm the nervous system is to breathe deeply.

Oh, and be easy on yourself, too.

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