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hong kong, part 2

Central District and the Western Market in Sheung Wan. I had this delicious roasted duck noodle soup for lunch that day.

It always surprises (and scares) me how quickly things fade from memory. It’s been less than a week since I’ve been back from Hong Kong, yet details of the day to day in Hong Kong are starting to seem hazy. Though, fortunately, I was able to piece together the trip again after talking to my mom and write it down. I guess it’s only natural, right? Once school and the studying starts up again, I can only imagine all the other things that will leak out of my head.

I’ve always had a desire to hold on to memories, a bit of the past. It’s never been that easy for me to just move on. Don’t know if it’s an entirely healthy tendency, but there are memories that are so special to me — not just events, but feelings and changing perspectives that I don’t want to let go of just yet. One of my goals for the new year is to take the time every so often to write things down. We’ll see how it goes.


– Here’s a good way to recap the past year from Hilda. I always admire her photos.

The BEST holidays

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