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Home Sweet Home

I AM HOME!!! Yay :)

Yesterday, I left Puerto Vallarta (and my family) and flew home. My two flights went by really fast and before I knew it I was in Vancouver!

Today, I had a relaxing and wonderful day. I started off early by heading to a doctor’s appointment then to visit my Nana. After that I stopped in and grabbed a Starbucks (had to have at least one gingerbread latte!) and then spent the day with one of my friends and her two little ones, I had so much fun hanging out with one of my best friends and catching up on the last three months! In the late afternoon I headed home to un-pack (argh…I think I hate un-packing more than packing!) before going to a pilates class this evening (oh my, it hurt!). Now, I am just finishing with the un-packing and laundry before I head back to the airport to pick up my family (oh my, I am going to have to work really hard to stay awake!)

Today, was exactly the first day back I wanted. It was pouring rain outside, it was chilly, it was filled with warm drinks, friends and excerise. I am looking forward to a lot more days like this in the next few weeks!

Being home is the best :)

The BEST holidays

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