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Home Sweet Home.

I’m still catching up from last weekend!

Not the one that just passed, the last one.

These photos are just too good to pass up, though. Even if they are delayed in blessing you with their presence.

Visiting my mom and dad and having my sister and her kids there too was just — awesome.

We had a wonderful time! I love being at my home, but the next best thing is my parent’s home.

Here’s how it looked!

I like to jump out and scare kids into laughing.

My dad came home from work and immediately got down to the business of entertaining our children. They love their Paw-Paw!

That’s my popple, Gus. I bought it with money I found on the side of the road 25 years ago, so don’t even think of stealing it.

Kids love playing in the crib. Notice I didn’t say “sleeping.” Yeah, Tom thought sleeping the first night was LAME! But playing? That was awesome.

Guess how many times Matilda wants to jump on the bed with Grandma’s help? A lot. Guess how sore Grandma’s arms were after this? A lot sore.

OMG — cutest ever. They held hands and ran down the hall. Then Rach asked them to do it again, so they did. And again, and again…giggling all the way. I wish that kind of cuteness could be bottled.

Yeah, still cute. I had to post this one, too.

Tom sharing his ball (“won” at the fair) with Gus. He’s totally practicing his big brother skills.

Sometimes waking up and immediately playing with your trucks on the kitchen floor is exhausting.

This was Tom’s first time on this type of bike child seat — and he loved it! (I think!) He kept laughing, but then saying he was “done.” Maybe it scared him how much fun it was? That’s probably it.

You know how sometimes you know you should only pick one photo to post, but you can’t choose so you just post both even though they are of the same thing? I’ve been known to do that.

Model Matilda.

Me: “Don’t walk in the water!” Tom: *splash!* Me: “Oh. Okay.”

Do they look grown up? I know!

We are laughing for real. Matilda said something that made me laugh and my laugh has been known to make kids laugh so it went on for a long time. It was awesome.

Thanks to my wonderful parents for putting us all up, feeding us, and waking up super early due to some kids who were a bit too excited to be there. We had a wonderful time! LOVE.

The BEST holidays

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