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Home Has a Funny Way of Saying Welcome Home.

NOTE: Written December 27th, but not posted until new years day. Sorry gang.

Saturday December 17th, 10 days ago, I was suffering the consequences of accumulating a massive sleep deficit. I traveled from text books and laptop pixels, to a semi social celebration, and finally settled on a massive technology and sugar crash. Whisked away from a life of stress and passionate isolationism, I traveled the land of the maple leaf with the rest of the Lichtenberg/Danenberg gang in tow (aka moms and big bro).

WARNING: This post is personal and mostly serves as an attempt to collecting my thoughts from the jumble I would like to call the last week and a half. If you don’t like rantings and disorganization, here is your out. We can just talk next time. No hard feelings, imaginary reader I am pretending will actually stumble on my blog and be interested in it!

Here were the highlights of the trip for me:

The Discovery of Global Warming


Heading most of the way to the ice castle before realizing it hasn’t been built (oops).

Yep, no snow equals no ice castle. Is this not reason enough to crusade with big blue recycling bins. Take that global warming.

Injuring my neck while awaking up from glorious slumber

(THIS HAPPENED, I WAS OUT OF COMMISSION FOR TWO DAYS). Here’s just the tip of the conversation:

David: Silence
Daniel: Silence
David: …umm daaniel
Daniel: (pretending to still be sleeping)
David: hey…daniel
Daniel: (deeply concentrating on not having an early morning conversation with baby bro)
David: daaaniel, I think I broke my neck
Daniel: …
le when medics arrive:
David: who do you think is going to be able to help me get pants on?

Not having cellphone service or a computer. This cannot even be expressed using people words. Your brain definitely adapts to the shifts in focus associated with information flux. Disconnecting, at least for some time makes you feel smarter and more relaxed.

Spending christmas eve exploring a beautiful city in icy cold air with some of my favorite people. We went to Chinatown, a beautiful cathedral, steak dinner, and a piano bar with a really talented musician, all in one night. Nights like this are all I can hope for in life.

Quebec City and Montreal are beautiful, but enough about the trip.

Let’s talk about how much you regress when you see people from your past. so much. I saw my old friend Ben and we acted like the giddy 16-year-old trouble makers we once were. I’m oh, so, immature.

I saw my old friend Matt, we succeeded in stressing the (heck darn) out of each other about making something decent of ourselves until we came to a verbal agreement to go out in the near tropical rainstorm occurring outside. We pretty much just walked and talked for a while, then walked and didn’t talk for a while. We gave up when our jackets soaked through. That’s what I came home from tonight. That is why I am all introspective and inspired to exude beautiful prose without necessarily possessing any solid direction or structure. My brain is repeating the thought, “If you don’t push yourself forward, you won’t end up forward.” and then gracefully dancing around itself teasing “Don’t take life to seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.” Thanks Elbert Hubbard. There’s something about being a semi-intelligent person in your early twenties that makes you so hyper-focused on proving yourself.

Let’s blame globalization. Or the pressure associated with the increase in the cost of education. Output must be greater than or equal to cost. My what a deep hole we’ve just dug (tuition). Then you get to the point where you realize how many people don’t even get to learn about the things or meet the people who you do. You remember that the things that stress you out and make you uncomfortable with day-to-day operations are an opportunity and a choice. They were and are a blessing. You force yourself to breathe. You remember to push yourself forward. Then you remember it’s good to do good.

It’s good to do good. Only one person can be the best. It probably won’t be you or me. Do what you can, and that isn’t meant casually. Feel good mentalities, aren’t always realistic, but they sure feel good.


The BEST holidays

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