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Holiday in Poor Weather?

As technology is continually improving, new state of the art equipment is being used to attract people to use adventure centres. However WAC must ensure they have better equipment than that of their competitors, in order to gain competitive advantage.
The development of technology could also have a negative impact on WAC, advancing technology makes games a reality more active. As a result people may favour virtual adventure than reality. Consequently WAC would be facing competition not only from their “close-in” competitors but also the gaming industry who provide substitute products.
The internet will have a major impact on WAC, as they need to ensure they remain competitive by being available online. They could provide online booking forms, which can reduce costs in having call centre staff to make bookings.
Marketing techniques on the Internet will have a positive impact on WAC. WAC will be able to approach their target segments more easily and efficiently. They can use the internet to advertise, promote and provide virtual tours of their sites. Advertising on comparison sites and social network sites such as Facebook can achieve greater awareness of WAC and allow previous customers to comment on the great service they received at WAC.
With the increased pressures of maintaining the environment and reducing greenhouses gases. WAC appears to use their natural surroundings for activities, such as bike trails. Furthermore WAC use chalet styled cabins which further portrays that they are an environmentally friendly organisation.
As a holiday WAC does not entail the usage of fuel for travelling abroad. Therefore people may start to become favourable of this and decide to go on holiday where they will have less of a negative on the environment.
Poor Weather can affect WAC, as it may be difficult to conduct outdoor activities, such as golf and aerial adventure ropewalks. Furthermore people are less likely to want to go on holiday in Britain where it is cold and raining. Therefore WAC will need to adapt different types of weather and provide alternative activities for the different seasons. Furthermore this will affect the promotional strategy and the media
Laws could come in place requiring organisations to become more health and safety conscious. This could affect WAC in a negative way as their activities may have go through a number of checks on a daily basis and cost time and money for them. Furthermore it would cost to ensure their employees are fully trained on the activities.
Strict laws on marketing and promotions could affect WAC negatively as they would have ensure their advertisements and promotional materials are in date with the legal requirements before sending them through to customers.Although positioning is based on the market perception, it is important that WAC can identify this and re-adjust this to become more profitable. The model has been categorised by two factors; Range of activities available and the price charged.

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