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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Jaco we go!

Have friends that are living in the swanky, and I mean really swanky resort, Los Suenos.  What a place!!!  I cannot imagine living there.  Everything was pristine and clean and so beautifully landscaped.  We’re so glad we met Tim and Meg and can go there to get a taste of the good life! LOL

It’s a little over an hour to get there.  After having some munchies we walked around a very small portion of the complex! Unfreakin’ unbelievable!  It’s how the other half lives!

After a short visit we headed to Jaco…..I guess I’m going to have to accept that beaches here are not like Ft. Myers, FL beaches!  Beautiful white sand…..the sand here looks like brown sugar.  It’s hot, very hot there!  Lots of surf boards – well, lots of people hauling and carrying surfboards but no one was actually surfing…could be because there were very few waves.

I did wander in a few souvenir places and there’s some beautiful wood working there.  Didn’t buy anything.

Headed home and got in a traffic jam on the autopista!  Pretty much stopped in places and couldn’t see any reason for it. Then when we reached the Escobal exit (that we take), it was at a standstill.  Wonder if it was like that all the way to San Jose?

Arrived home to 3 very happy dogs!

And we were happy to be home….you know, maybe Dorothy was right….there’s no place like Kansas, except for our home in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!




The BEST holidays

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