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Hello world!

Welcome to W2A, water 2 all

This blog shares the desire for sustainable drinking water for everybody. W2A starts with providing quality sustainable drinking water solutions for hospitality business’ around the world. With a people, planet and profit approach we want to reduce the use of plastic water bottles in guest rooms.

With your help we’re sure we can reduce the water footprint of the tourist industry. Your input, expertise and help will be very much appreciated. So if you have a link,  a suggestion or a brilliant idea for the hospitality industry relating to sustainable use of water please share it with us. We’re thirsty for solutions!

To support your contributions we’ll be making selection of 15 good ideas every month naming your suggestions, your hotel,  resort or product. In the last week the community can vote for their favorite sustainable water solution. Social media attention will focus on your brilliant idea what gets us closer to our common goal.

Just to give you an idea. An apple’s water footprint is 125 liter, 2945 liter of water is needed for a t-shirt of 250 gram. Make a guess what the water foot print is of one plastic bottle with 500 ml of water on a hotel room.  Answer to follow shortly!

The BEST holidays

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