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Hello Denver

First off, Happy 2012! This past 2011 was pretty eventful: I successfully completed my leadership minor’s Community Change Initiative with Well-Fed Inc, I had a final trip to Disneyland on the annual pass that I have held for the last six years, Rachael and I went on a birthright trip to Israel, and I studied abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. 2011 ended on such a high note that I know 2012 will be even better!

Now, for the meat of the meat of the post…

Hello Denver!
After a sixteen-hour drive from Laguna Beach to Denver with a pit-stop in Las Vegas for breakfast, coffee in Rifle, listening to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and four states later, I arrived in Denver – exhausted but ready to move into my apartment. After the long drive, moving, settling-in, and starting this quarter’s classes, I came to a few conclusions…

I officially love all the Glasgow decorations (pictures, artwork, advertisements) in my room. I officially need to restart my brain for classes. And I will officially keep writing a blog. I decided that I love writing it too much to stop just because I left Glasgow. While my life in Denver probably won’t be as exciting as the last few months in Scotland (seeing as I won’t be traveling weekends or going on as many new adventures), hopefully you won’t be too bored with what I write about and my writing itself.

Oh, and I officially love sunsets. I realize this sunset isn’t from Denver, but the short amount of time that I was home in Laguna Beach, I was lucky enough to catch this beauty…

The BEST holidays

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