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He-e-ere we go!

Coming to you live, from Dulles International Airport, where the Lord has worked at least two miracles already today!  The first – free wireless internet.  Awesome.  The second – an amazingly kind, patient, and helpful check-in attendant who definitely allowed us more weight in our bags for free than she was supposed to.  Not sure if that was an accident or intentional, but it’s an amazing blessing either way!  Since she was allowing us extra weight, we were rapidly pulling things out of our carry-ons and dumping them into the checked luggage.  Praise the Lord for this blessing!

We’ve had a great time visiting with family and friends on our slow and progressive journey out of the US.  From Bend to Portland to Allentown to Maryland, here are some pictures of our time over the last week in Allentown.

Crabfest 2011!


Jen & Brad – the creators of Crabfest 2011

with Mimsy and Popsicle in the Little Lehigh Parkway

The Old Mexico crew of the Pauloski Family

Cousin time

Spending time with Ellen in the airport

We’re boarding now!  We love you all!

The BEST holidays

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