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Living the hamster life, which I spoke out against a couple weeks ago, LOL…traveling for work means you gotta do what you gotta do…

30mins on the treadmill watching SportCenter

UPPER BODY “WORKOUT” (note: definitely not “training”)

Lat Pulldowns:
5 sets of 10

Rows on the Lat Pulldown:
4 sets of 8

Machine SHoulder Press:
6 sets of 8

DB Curls:
3 sets of 10

Rope Pushdowns:
3 sets of 10

1 round through, 8 reps each direction

Lame, but whatever. I got something done. Actually a decent little workout room at my hotel. The cardio equipment out numbers the weight stuff, but thats what I always expect. I woke up very early, so it was a no brainer to do some “lifting” after my AM Cardio. Got my super pump on and grabbed a coffee with heavy cream and splenda, my new favorite “treat” while dieting. This diet is super easy to stick to while on the road (sans airports…). Eggs, Bacon, Steak, Chicken, Seafood…piece of cake really…No clue what my bodyweight is, probably wont worry about weighing in again until I get home. I am definitely getting much leaner though…it is noticeable.

The BEST holidays

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