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Hampton Inn and Suites Wellington Florida



Statement Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
My overall experience here was good, and I would recommend this hotel to my friends. X        
Check in
My reservation record was accurate.   X      
The check-in process was timely and efficient.   X      
The check-in staff was courteous.   X      
Guest Room
My room was clean and comfortable.   X      
My room was furnished appropriately.   X      
My bed and bedding were comfortable.   X      

Guest Staff

The guest staff was prompt, reliable, and friendly. X        
The guest staff was knowledgeable and fully answered my questions about the area. X        
Security was available if needed.   X      
Housekeeping staff was friendly and reliable.   X      
Management was available to solve problems.   X      


Hotel amenities (pool, hot tub, exercise room) were clean, attractive, and properly equipped. X        

Check out

The check-out process was timely and efficient.   X      
I received a complete and accurate bill.   X      
Additional Comments: Great view of lake.








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