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Hairy Halloween

The Halloween countdown is in the single digits. Pumpkin have been purchased, trick-or-treat candy is hidden away (I haven’t even opened it yet!) and next weekend’s festivities are all planned out. Without fail, my kids ALWAYS want to reminisce about one of the best Halloween experiences we ever had. So we backtrack through years of photos and find ourselves in Paris, 2005.

The kids were in British schools at the time and had a wonderful Fall Break. As with every break from school, we were off and seeing more of Europe. This time around it was a mix of Paris and Euro Disney. Since Halloween is more of an American Holiday, we were pleasantly surprised to see Disney fully decked out in all things orange and wicked.

We took in the decor and the parade. We enjoyed the rides. And then we came across a sign:

Set up in the middle of the park was a spooky hair salon. On hand, were Disney hair and make-up designers turned little ones into garish goblins. And, believe it or not – it was FREE OF CHARGE! To keep the kiddos busy while waiting, painters were working their way through the crowd, placing pumpkins and spider webs on all the sweet little cheeks.

In the chair, we gave the designers free rein.


The results were spooktacular.

The hair spray was indestructible and defied gravity.

It only took about 8 washings to get it all out.

The kids loved it soooooo much, we returned and brought friends.

Check out round II:

They really look like creatures straight from Dr. Suess’ imagination.

Decades from now, when my kids are dressing up their own kids for Halloween, they will still be reminiscing about when they got their “hair-did” by the movie-star designers in Paris.

PS – And where is Harry? The boy and his ba-bangs? You see he was just a little tyke, without a whole lot of hair. All it took was an ice cream to keep him busy during all of the primping and posing…..

The BEST holidays

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