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Gypsies in the Palace!

We turned the key to our most recent hotel room in Mostar, and the first words out of James’ mouth were, “Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!”

Let me backup. You already know that we look for affordable lodging (aka “cheap digs”). Well actually, not cheap … a bargain. So we’re always searching for a deal. I found an excellent rate online for this hotel – just a little, clean room for a great price in the center of the Old Town. We were set.

All we had to do was find the hotel from the bus station. We took off with our rolling backpacks, and after a million twists and turns, we saw a sign pointing down an alley. Not promising … but when we entered, it was beautiful! We were greeted by a young woman who, in the Muslim tradition, graciously offered us a cappuccino ( a modern-day twist) and informed us that they had upgraded us to an apartment. A gift!

We climbed the stairs (4 flights again) and opened the door … which brings me back to James’ exclamation!

The room is sleek, modern, and a far cry from Great Aunt Sophie’s Attic. It’s the nicest place we’ve stayed on the trip. As we admired the plush towels and rolled around on the luxurious bed, we felt like Gypsies in the palace (for all you Parrotheads out there)! We may never leave.

And it has this fun, freestanding floor lamp that makes you look like the Great Pumpkin. Just in time for Halloween.

Peace and Love,

PS – Thanks to all you great cooks out there who sent us recipe ideas fit for a kitchenette. We are definitely going to be eating high on the hog now!




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