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Gumbo Cookoff

Lafayette, Louisiana is the place to be! Of all the places that I have lived I love it the most. The culture, people and events are really amazing. There seems to be all kinds of really cool things to do. Last night one of my best friends invited me to the Gumbo Cookoff that was being put on by the Realtors Association. His twin brother was cooking for it.

The event was $5 for all you can eat gumbo and there were at least 25 booths.

Geno Delafose at the New Orleans Jazz & Herita...

Geno Delafose was playing zydeco music and people were eating, dancing and simply having a great time. The weather was perfect despite the fact that as the sun went down it got pretty chilly. We walked around and enjoyed the gumbo and talked to random people. There were all sorts of people, of all different backgrounds and types.

One thing is for sure, the cajuns sure do know how to have a good time!

The BEST holidays

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