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Great Food, But Racist

As much as possible, I do try to keep the rants in this blog to a minimum (hard as that is to believe). The reason being that it’s not fun to look back on sad/angry memories. Ah, but sometimes it’s hard to keep your mouth shut.

Last weekend, my friends and I went to Chateau Royale in Nasugbu, Batangas. And it wasn’t really a bad experience. But I say this only because I love my friends and I always have fun with them, no matter where we are and what we’re doing. As for Chateau Royale, well, I don’t think I’m ever going back there again. And here’s the reason why:

On their website, and even on their brochures, they will tell you that there are two places to eat: Veranda Cafe, and the Floating Restaurant. Here’s the link to their list of facilities: Facilities

So I thought, okay, we’ll have lunch at the Floating Restaurant and then have dinner at the Veranda Cafe. But apparently that’s not possible because, what they don’t tell you in the brochures (because I assume it’s illegal) is that only Koreans are allowed to eat in the Floating Restaurant.

No, seriously. When we got there, we were asked to leave the premises because we weren’t allowed in it. They said we could only eat at the Veranda Cafe. Now, I don’ t know about you, but I think this is clearly a case of racism. I mean, they told us to leave the place because we were Filipino. What the hell? What makes it worse is that it happened in our very own country! It’s so wrong to be discriminated against in your own place.

I didn’t want the entire weekend with my friends to be ruined (and we were really very hungry) so we just went to Veranda Cafe and ate there. Luckily, the food was really delicious. I mean, it was really delicious,¬†which picked up our spirits and made the day better. But… at the back of my mind, I was still pretty mad.

Later we took the 4PM tour of the resort and asked the tour guide why Filipinos weren’t allowed to eat at the Floating Restaurant. Her answer? “Because Koreans aren’t allowed at Veranda Cafe.”

Right. OK. Maybe on paper, that’ll look like it’s fair. Except, it’s really not. Why are there places exclusive to a particular race??

I can understand if a place was “Members Only”. Because members pay extra for exclusivity. But this is clearly a race issue, because we were specifically told, “This restaurant is for Korean guests only.” Not members, but Korean guests. And what happens if you’re neither Korean nor Filipino in this resort? Are you allowed to eat at either restaurant? Or at neither restaurant? I wasn’t able to ask because I didn’t want to be bothered by the issue again while we were there. I mean, my friends and I were¬†there for a relaxing weekend, so I didn’t want to turn it into a protest rally. But knowing the racist/mis-educated Filipinos, it’s likely that it’ll depend on who looks like they have money, i.e. People who look rich will be allowed to eat at either restaurant, and people who don’t look rich will only be allowed at Veranda Cafe (you know, the restaurant that’s “exclusive” for Filipinos).

So yeah, I’m never going back there again. And until they change their racist ways, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to go there. As if it’s such a great place. There are a hundred more resorts that are way better. And if only the food wasn’t so great, I’d probably be ranting about more things.

The BEST holidays

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