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Giving Shadows Substance

The shadows gained headway- in one hour they had
obliterated his feelings for her- violent kisses
in the woods, again and again, in his mind. He
knows that he can’t win, and that it will never

The noose was put around his neck, so it
would go with him wherever he might go.

The laughter in the shadows he knows
may signify anger. Cutting himself off
from his old ways of thought,
all existing machines,
and techniques- and that girl
from his story- now 88,560
miles away in his lifetime.

We are all moving- this he knows
as the substance forms-
visualized as an outpouring
of liquid gold- and certain
sensory qualities of the brain
are under his direct control

The golden glow does not spur
him to any unusual activity- he
is just unruffled slightly. He had
no use for a doctor-
a bottle of whiskey,
a glass,
a soda siphon-
that is all he needs
to crucify his mind.

Standing in front of glass cases
containing his past- he is alone
in the dark room- it’s terrible
like a desert city, and its clusters
of violet light- now taken from
his brain too high to explain
anything- he marks the
cardinal points on the floor-
eyes blazing green light-
and he is gone from the
here and now.

The BEST holidays

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