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Gear Review: ExOfficio Travel Underwear

I had heard some good things about ExOfficio’s line of travel underwear. When I found them on sale at, I decided to try them out. I ordered the bikini brief in white (and later, also in nude).

My first impression was that they look nice! The material is obviously synthetic by touch but they are still attractive looking. The cut was similar to Victoria’s Secret’s bikini style. They are also extremely comfortable. My first test of them was a simple hand washing in my bathroom sink. They are easy to wash. I squeezed them out a tiny bit then hung them randomly in the bathroom to dry. They were mostly dry at 9 hours and all the way dry at 14. I didn’t really check them in between 9 and 14 hours so I’m not sure when they were actually fully dry.

Now that I live in Korea and have no dryer, only a rack that I set up, it is really great to have these. They are definitely the fastest drying of any of my underwear. I think if you really wanted, if you were on the road long-term, you could make do with about 3 pairs of these in a cycle of washing and drying. I might try this some day.

My verdict: I’d definitely recommend them!

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