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Friday, October 28

So while everyone was partying for Halloween, I was packing, and cleaning. And most importantly, figuring out where I wanted to go. Screw partying in my city, I could have cared less at this point when I was trying to become the invisible woman.

Did I mention packing? How did I accumulate so much stuff in the last 4 years?

I had lived a pretty simple life, but I was still walking out with bags, and bags of stuff to donate to Goodwill.

I knew what I needed for this trip, and it was mostly electronic. Cameras, flash, laptop, Ipod, and a few other things. A few pairs of leggings, tanks to match (all in black of course), Haviannas, and my beauty regime, which in reality wasn’t very much.

Location was what was stumping me. I felt funny planning a trip, which I hoped to postpone for a long time, but knew I wouldn’t be.  One of the Lonely Planet guide books I had picked up seemed awfully thin when it came to doing things, being a less travelled destination.

Asia, South America, and Africa were my three jump off points as I knew the continents better then Europe or North America. I really had no desire to do the same trips as my peers anyways.

It was tempting to just spin and point, but I wanted this trip to be more planned than my last one as I was setting up my plan to do some video and photography documentaries that I wanted to keep under a different name (for now).

Let everyone talk about how I’ve done nothing with my life, I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. Plus I really disliked the fact that my mom spied on me through the internet and that pretended I was some sad, single 20-something.

I’m not some kind of TV show.

But lately, my life had turned into some groundhog reality warp.

And I continued packing.

The BEST holidays

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