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FreshFind – Next Level Fingerpainting

Out of all the souvenirs that I purchased in Mexico, my absolute favourite item would definitely be the original pieces of artwork that I purchased from the artist at the resort marketplace. I feel like a fool because I didn’t ask for his name and as much as I try to make out his signature at the bottom corner of my pieces, I can’t make out a single letter.

What makes this unknown artist so remarkable is that all of his work is done without a brush. Everything is done using the tips of his fingers and his overgrown pinky nail. It’s quite stunning when you look at each piece in person and unfortunately, the photograph above just doesn’t cut it when it comes to showing the detail. If you ever find yourself at a resort in Puerto Vallarta, keep a look out for this man! Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything from him, just watching him work will leave you in awe.

From what I recall, one large piece (as seen above) costs roughly $20 USD and smaller pieces are priced at $15 USD or $25 USD for two. In no way would I consider myself a person with extensive knowledge of art – I can however, confidently tell you that this mans work is beautiful… and that he produces works of art that I would proudly display in my home.

The BEST holidays

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