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Food adventure

Our food adventure in Singapore, a red dot in South East Asia.

# Dec 2009: Ghim moh Hakka yong tau fu. I like the crunchy lotus root.

# Tried Uni-President Papaya Milk which costs $1.33. It tastes too sweet for me. (8-12-2009)

# Dinner at Ken Noodles House with Polar Bear (22-12-2009). Paid $12 +10% for a ramen with boiled egg. Thirsty after meal and the water served has weird taste. I found Santouka at Clarke Q tastier.

# Bee Cheng Hiang laksa fish floss. I tried it at Changi airport in Dec 2009 and loved it, but when I tried it again at Orchard outlet, it was too spicy to me, so I canceled my wish to buy it.

# Dinner at Vittles (369 Sembawang Road #01-05 Sembawang Cottage). I had grilled dory with olio spaghetti. Dear had sirloin steak burger, the meat was overcooked. The waffle dessert is not bad (27-12-2009).

# Tried Koka noodles, manufactured by Tat Hui Foods (29-12-2009), which has a label MSG-free. I still think it has to contain some MSG and prefer IndoMie Mi Goreng.

# Dinner at Shin Nichi, Fusionopolis. Very thirsty after meal. The char siew (pork) ramen is better than the gyuniku (beef) ramen (30-12-2009).

# New Year Eve dinner at 7th Storey Hainan Kitchen. Reasonable price for buffet! Grateful for the free flow of prawn. The Pork Chop, seasoned with sweet-tangy tomato sauce and accompanied with french fries, is a must-try. Bye 2009, Happy New Year 2010!

# Dinner of prawn noodle at Yishun81 Food Court (3-01-2010). Like the wetness of the prawn noodle. *

# Ampang Yong Tau Foo at Foo Chan food court, Ang Mo Kio (10-Jan-2010). I think the yong tau fu is normal, so is the Ampang gravy.

# Sawadee (Opposite Sembawang Shopping Complex). I found that the pandan chicken is too oily, Polar Bear likes the green curry. The pineapple rice is not bad. It is relatively expensive. 10-Jan-2010.

# Kim’s place fried Hokkian prawn mee at Holland Village hawker center. I was attracted by displays of awards. The price is expensive, $4 for the smallest plate. Generally, the food at the hawker center there is more expensive than elsewhere. They gave 3 prawns for my prawn noodle. The taste is ok, I still prefer the Yishun 81 Food Court one. (12-Jan-2010)

# Ngee Fou Restaurant Ampang Yueng Tow Fu (16-Jan-2010). This is a famous stall, and I like the gravy. The choice is limited, only rice, no kway teow or beehoon, is available.

# Auntie Kim’s Korean, 265 Upper Thomson Rd (23-Jan-10). We ordered Soon Dubu and La KalBi. Soon Dubu is a kimchi tofu soup of $14.5, Polar Bear said not worth it. The meat had many fat parts and big bones $23. Yet, I like the tofu side dishes. Though the food is average, we will not go back there again. I still preferred the Korean at Esplanade and we will adventure on other Korean restaurants elsewhere. Indeed, we are going to Korea in Jan 2011. God thank you for your blessing.

# Manhattan Fish (30-Oct-10). We used voucher from credit card for a part of the bill. Darling likes my grilled fish and found his chips too salty.

# Watami (4-Nov-10). Darling loves the salmon stone pot rice and sukiyaki beef.

# One day in 2010. The wood-fired Beijing duck of Min Jiang at One-North. It is the only Chinese fine-dining restaurant housed in a stylis, 2-storey black and white colonial bungalow. I am not paying for the food from my pocket. Thanks a lot!

# New Year Eve dinner at Ichiban Boshi. We like the beef sukiyaki dipped in raw egg.

# : durian cakes. Too bad that my roommate does not like durian, but likes the Goodwood Park hotel durian stuff!

The BEST holidays

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