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flight of the frenchies

“A free man is someone who is true to himself. Who follows his dreams and turns them into reality.  You have to put fear to one side, it will always be there, but you have to follow your path.  It’s all possible if you put enough energy into it.  A free man, to me, is someone who tries to make his dreams come true.”

I can’t believe that between first discovering the trailer for this mind blowing documentary so many months ago, to actually downloading the full version and watching it…has taken us so long. But boy was it worth it to finally sit down and watch this incredible short film.

The most inspiring, breathtaking, heart in mouth forty minutes you’ll have experienced for a while. Watch the trailer and download the full version – it’s worth every minute. But I don’t advise eating dinner while watching – indigestion guaranteed.

The soundtrack brings back those wanderlust moments I experience when listening to Sipping Jetstreams… the visuals, quite simply captivating.

Enjoy and be amazed, inspired and mesmerised.

(For less than 5 Euros you can download the full version here)


The BEST holidays

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