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In San Francisco, we walked the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the perfect day to do it; the sky was blue blue blue.


I looked like I was in the witness protection program, but Chris looked gorgeous as ever.


I mean, right?


It was Fleet Week, which is when the Navy puts on an air show right over the Bay.

These are the Blue Angels. They buzzed the bridge several times, just like in Top Gun, when Tom Cruise buzzes the control tower and makes the guy slosh his coffee.


The cerebral side of me was like, “This is a waste of tax payer dollars! This is a waste of jet fuel! This is a scam! They shouldn’t be allowed to set up Marine recruitment centers here. Some dumb 17-year-old is going to think he’s going to be like Tom Cruise, when really he’s just going to a godforsaken war in the desert.”

Then the Blue Angels would silently scream by again, followed by their thundering sound, drumming in my chest like an extra heartbeat. And the non-cerebral side of me was like, “Cooool.”

The BEST holidays

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