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A fat lazy coward says can’t let 1984 happen again and I think to myself it is 1984. Not the anti-Sikh, but the Orwellian, the big brother is watching. They got the news hubs in their pockets, the majority in their side and the judiciary can’t mess with them. The perfect government. I am not saying the protesters are right, I am saying the government is wrong. Not just the BJP, ALL PARTIES ARE WRONG, the only way even one of them is going to come in power is by dividing votes. Caste, religion, sexual orientations, anything to divide people. And their ultimate goal is not to create a better place for everyone. It’s to earn money. If you see the luxurious lives these politicians and their family live after being elected, you would be dammed. They don’t want to do anything better than the previous government. They just want to sit back in their golden chairs with a silver cup willed with exotic wine and enjoy what a good brawl we have with one another. It is time to wake up people!

The BEST holidays

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