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Finding the Best Airfare Price

Maybe the most expensive part of any trip is the airplane ticket.

My mission is this: Find the absolute cheapest round-trip ticket from Miami, Florida to Oslo, Norway in May in one hour.

Start: 8:46 PM

There are endless search engines that can make finding a ticket cheap and easy. Doing your research is important and can save you at least $100. I found that skyscanner is by far the most organized and cheapest search engine. Lots of flight search sights are misleading, giving you the base price without adding on taxes and fees, or giving you multiple flights in pop-up windows, frustrating me to no end. Being flexible on my flight dates and airport saved me money, and skyscanner made it easy to compare these aspects.

I typed my flight information into over ten different search engines.  For students and teachers, STA Travel is worth looking at. It had an organized chart showing all prices with ranging dates, outlining the best deal. Besides skyscanner and STA Travel, Airfare Watchdogcheapoair, and KAYAK can all be useful as well, depending on your destination.

Tip: Make sure to take a close look at overall travel time. For my journey, it was an average of 15 hours travel time. For the same price, there were multiple flights taking 29 hours or more. For in-country flights there is usually not a big difference, but when traveling through multiple countries you must be much more careful about this point.

9:38 PM Final Outcome:

$1,031 round-trip ticket found on skyscanner, bought through cheapoair Miami(MIA) -> London (LHR) -> Oslo(OSL)

Happy Savings

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