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Find your true GRIT!

Finding your GRIT!
Sweating… It’s dripping off your chin, nose, forehead… Your breathing so hard you want to quit… Heart is pumping like it has never pumped before… Legs are ready to give in.. Arms are screaming at you… You think of stopping, which most people do… But you don’t, why? Because you found your true GRIT and know you can hack out that last 10 seconds!

Find your inner grit and never let the pain stop you. Dig deep and GO! Nothing better then finishing that workout knowing you were digging deep and never gave up. Stopping, sorry, that’s also known as quitting! Unless, you are legitimately are going to pass out, then you have permission to stop! But if you just want to cave because you legs feel heavy, that’s giving up.

As a trainer, there is nothing more awesome then seeing a client push themselves and FINISH! I don’t care if they call me a bitch, psycho, ass hole, piece of shit, nut case etc.. As long as they finish! Hey, hate me now and love me later is what I say!

And ps, I push myself just as hard on my own! People think I am nuts, but hey, I get results and feel good about pushing myself. Not only that, but people see me push and know I just don’t push my clients, but also myself.


** If you have health issues that may make you injure yourself, please take caution when training. **

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