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Fight or Flight


Every living thing has fight or flight. It is more dominant in prey animals than predators. In humans it seems to balance out. Some have a stronger fight response whereas others have a stronger flight response.

My flight response has worn out when it comes to churchy things. Churchy people have pressured me so much that I am now in full fight mode. “Why don’t you wear a skirt to church?” “You are the dark angel.” “Why do you insist on looking like THAT every Sabbath?” “That is of the devil.” “You shouldn’t do (or eat) that.” ” You are of the devil.” I have heard it all…and more! I am sick and tired of the bullying and abuse that goes on in a place where people are supposed to feel safe and loved.

I do what I do and wear what I wear to help any new comers to feel like they belong.

I have noticed that new Christians, especially those who had a rougher past, tend to be more flight than fight. I think this is because certain people take it upon them selves to try to rush them into changing everything they see as what makes that person unique, or they may have a few bad habits that are frowned upon in some denominations.

Now, I spend a lot of time working with and riding horses. They are very sensitive creatures. If you approach them in an any way that they perceive as aggressive like looking them in the eye with your shoulders square and heavy steps they will turn and run or walk away. Horses are away from pressure animals. If you push (for some horses you only have to look at) any part of a horse they will move that part away from the pressure.

Same with new Christians. If they think that they are being pressured they move away.

We should help new Christians the same way we would train a new colt or filly…gently, on THEIR (Gods) time…NOT ours.

The BEST holidays

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