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Evening flight

Bee air time: 117 hours, 38 minutes

450 air time: 4 hours, 39 minutes

Location: Car park

I love flying!!! I just love it! :)

I’ve spent some time servicing the Bee. I replaced 2 ring likes. They weren’t broken but I realised they were quite worn and a bit sloppy. I adjusted the Bell Hiller mixer arms as well. I think they had been binding a little bit.

But the big change I think was that I adjusted the throttle curve. Shortly after building the 450, a tried setting up similar throttle characteristics on the Bee, and I ended up with 0-0-0-50-100. This way the throttle was way too twitchy. Now I thought I would sacrifice from the maximum power, I almost never use it anyway. Also I didn’t like it starting so suddenly at half stick. So I went for 0-10-20-50-80. Now it’s much more usable! It flies awesome!

As for the 450, I keep experimenting with low altitude autos besides just getting comfortable with the bird. The auto attempts put some pressure on the tail unfortunately. It’s hit the ground many times, slowly shaving my blades off from the ends. And now the entire tail is full of slop. It behaves well, and I can’t remember whether it’s always been like this or not, but I’ll take it apart tomorrow, check the screws and the bearings. Also, hitting the ground many times started twisting my tail housing a little bit so the blades now even more likely to touch ground, as the tail shaft is not perfectly horizontal. I’ll have to tighten it more when I put it together.

Anyway, flying the 450 is a real fun. I keep gathering my courage, I’m still far from being as relaxed and relentless as with the Bee but the extra stability helps a lot, and I can feel the perspective in it more than before.

The BEST holidays

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