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Epic Events With Lameface!

Brent :Sneeze!! at me. Did I sneeze on you?
Me: Sarcastically, No you just blasted me with Slobber, Snot, and Cold Air.

Brent: Can we melt candles and pour them on chai’s head?
Me: I don’t think she’ll like that too much so no.

Brent: Can we put cinnamon M&M’s in MIA’s Butthole?
Me: I’m going to pass on that.

Brent: Does egg nog kill you? Like why is it so indulgent?
Me: It’s made with Ice Cream Base. And You’re Dad – wouldn’t give us that shit or make it if it was going to kill us!

Brent: Burrrrp! I can feel the death its in my throat Its working its way down through my through my body!
Me: I think you’ll be fine.

Brent: Eating cinnamon M&M’s complaining about how they aren’t cinnamon enough for him. Forcing me to try another one.
Me: Making a face, Its like chocolate with a backlash of cinnamon.
Brent: I’m going to eat a cherry one because I want a different flavor explosion in my mouth! *eats M&M* yeah thats flavor!!!

Epic conversations.

The BEST holidays

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