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Epic August Adventure, Part 1

I am now 23 years old.


While I shove my shock and outrage concerning the lightning paced passage of time into the back left corner of my mind, let me tell you a little bit about the fan-fricken-tastic 2 week period I just experienced.

1) Morro Bay with the boy. You know you’ve found a good one when a month into “dating” (or whatever) he asks what you’re doing for your birthday, you tell him you’re planning on going to SF to be with old friends, and he looks at you and says “Great, I’ll buy my flight tomorrow”. Ummm, okay, YOU ROCK. Soo he voluntarily got sucked into my vacation planning frenzy, and before we knew it the plan had morphed into a 2-day road trip in which we spent a night in Morro Bay before getting to SF to hang with friends. And let me tell you, Morro Bay is awesome! Such a tiny little beach town, really chill and laid back vibe, great food annnd, the best part, wait for it… A SHELL SHOP WITH LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF SUPER COOL SHELLS! I definitely was wayyy too excited for this part of the trip, I made Will stay in that shop with me for about an hour too long and I purchased about 4 shells too many haha. But I’ve actually been actively looking for a specific shell for a while, after my friend Julie found a near-perfect Nautilus shell on Lizard Island in Australia (where I spent 2 of the happiest months of my life hehe), I have been absolutely fiendinnng for one. I almost broke down and bought one for $50 USD when I was in Fiji (what! rip off!) and thank GOD I didn’t because this epic Morro Bay shell shop had some for $12!!! Wahooo, I am now the proud owner of a perfect little Nautilus shell, and am trying not to think about what happened to the animal inside! Yay…! Haha in all honesty I actually am very curious about how/where this shell shop acquires its rare and beautiful shell supply…they all come from animals at some point, and some of those animals are verrrry slow-growing and don’t reproduce very quickly. Hmm, maybe that’s what I’ll make my next blog post about, the shell trade…


Sir William and I, enjoying dinner and wine and a Morro Bay sunset :)


Some of the shells from the epic Shell Shop

Oh dear, I am running out of time to write this post already…seriously, why does it take me AGES to write these things?? (well, maybe it has to do with the fact that my brother and his girlfriend came in while I was writing and I told them almost all of my detailed, highly exciting (and characteristically exaggerated) stories from this vacation haha) *sigh* I guess I’ll get better at this over time…

Next post: Parts 2, 3 and 4 of my Epic August Adventure, as well as an investigation into the lucrative (?) trade of the Shell Shop ;)

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

The BEST holidays

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