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Emergence of Aviation Thesis

After doing some research and personal evaluation of these terms I’ve decided on a few.
I am really interested in travel and technology, specifically Aviation.

I am interested in all forms of aviation and air travel including: Gliders,
wing-suits, parasailing, hang gliding all the way to commercial aviation.

The experience I like most is the takeoff and landings which is probably the same for many people.
It is the only time where you can feel acceleration and deceleration while flying. It also provides
the best view of the city your arriving in, and surrounding landscape/towns. At no other time can you see the city at this unique birds eye view. When up at elevation (20,000+) there is almost no visual reference to the ground unless it is completely clear.

I would like to look into the history of flight and what forms have resulted from it.

one of my first few questions involving this study for my thesis were:

-How can the feeling of flying be replicated with building?
-What is the human urge to fly?

The BEST holidays

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