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Eastgate Clock

Because it’s late… And I’m getting up early to go running with A. and my dad (the half marathon I’m running is in 8 weeks! Cue major freak out!!) I’m keeping this post short and sweet.

These photos are of the Eastgate Clock in Chester, the second most photographed clock in the world. (After Big Ben of course.) It was built to celebrate to diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. On one of the faces it reads: THIS CLOCK TOWER WAS ERECTED IN COMMEMORATION OF THE 60TH YEAR OF THE REIGN OF VICTORIA, QUEEN AND EMPRESS.

When I went to Chester in March I was really excited to see the clock. But, I’ll admit I was severely disappointed. For it being the second most photographed clock I was underwhelmed. This trip was a little better… The sun made the gold sparkle. Plus it was fun to be able to walk under the clock (part of the Roman Wall walk I mentioned before.) I wasn’t able to on my first trip.

If you are walking around Chester you might as well stop by and see the clock. Why not right? Well it’s off to bed.

Hope your weekend is fab.

The BEST holidays

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