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Domestic bliss – 12/17th December 2011

It is very strange once the scenery stops whizzing by, how quickly I become slightly lethargic.

Melbourne itself is a really brilliant city and I can well understand why it is one of the top places to live in. We begin with the free bus tour and tram tours around the city. The information centre in Federation Square is brimming with leaflets to help occupy your time. We pick up loads but I would recommend the little ones which give guided walks around the city. We do the lanes and malls one.

Melbourne has two markets and we visit the nearer one at South Melbourne. Crammed with clothes, fresh veg and loads of meat and fish suppliers it’s a great place to shop.
We are limited to walking everywhere but determine to hire a car soon, so we can go further afield. Walking around Melbourne we alternate between feeling Christmas is a bit of a swizz, because we have no friends and family to buy presents for or to cater for, and feeling Christmas is different but quite exciting over here. We cannot get over the queues waiting to see the David Jones and Myers windows. We loved the ones in Sydney but these do not appeal to us do well.

Some of the decorations around are hilarious, like tying up the TownHall in Ribbons

But for the most part, I work away at my blog, trying vainly to catch up. We play on our computers. Read lots. Go for bike rides, as my friend has two brilliant bikes and walk a lot.

The BEST holidays

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