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Do You Know Who I Am??

This a rhetorical question. I’m not really asking if you know who I am. “Do You Know Who I Am” (DYKWIA) is a term used for members of loyalty programs who have the highest (aka elite) status in that respective program. It refers to an attitude that someone exhibits when they have a heightened sense of entitlement due to the status they hold. They think that the hotel and its employees should bend over backwards to accommodate their every request. I suppose referring to the status as “elite” has something to do with the sense of entitlement but hey, I didn’t start it haha.

I’m sure this video has made the rounds but I wanted to re-post it because it’s so funny. It obviously takes some of the requests to the extreme but some of it is pretty accurate, especially when it comes to asking for the best room, late checkout and things like that. Overall, it does a good job about making fun of the subject.

And yes, at the moment, I am a Diamond guest. Not like that though!

The BEST holidays

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