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Disneyland: Is there any point resisting?

So I came home the other day to this note from my eight-year-old daughter.

“Let us go to Disney World or Land?” Check box yes, or no.

My first reaction was to laugh and sigh. How cute.

Then I started thinking. 

Is this the cutest thing ever, or is it a terrible sign of entitlement?

When did a trip to Disneyland become a birthright?

I never went on a family vacation that didn’t involve the back seat of a car. Neither did my hubby. And neither of us ever gave  a moment’s thought to lobbying our parents for Disneyland. And lobbying relentlessly.

When I was a kid, my parents somehow convinced us that Disneyland was for fools.

And though I can now see this for the financially motivated manipulation that it was, I still have lingering doubts.

So when I came across this note, I had various reactions.

One of them was fear. That I would actually, really have to go to Disneyland some day.

I know the resistance is irrational. In fact, I  just went through the same process with the minivan.

Last month, we finally joined the rest of the parents world and bought a minivan. No big deal, right?

Except that we swore we would never do that.

While friends of ours started sliding open the big, walk-in doors the minute thay had an infant, we swore that we would not go down that uber-comfy road. It wasn’t that we were too cool. Just a strange stubborn, illogical resistance — exactly like my resistance to Disneyland.

So, now I love the minivan, of course.

The kids practically have their own rooms back there.

I guess my question is, why do I resist the happiest place on Earth? I have never, ever heard of anyone going there and not having the time of their life. I’m quite sure I’d enjoy it just as much as I now enjoy my super-spacious, comfy minivan.

I guess somehow I feel I’m being manipulated —  and not just by my kids. 

When my hubby posted this same note up on Facebook, the response was entirely one-sided.

The general theme boiled down to: “What? Why have you not taken your kids to Disneyland yet?”

Good question.

Much as I like to think we should go explore medieval castles in Europe, or trek the Himalayas, I guess I have to accept that where we’re at right now is Disneyland.

And a minivan. (Excuse while I set my coffee into one of these 12, conveniently-placed cupholders.)

And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

The BEST holidays

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