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Departure, It Seems


Ever feel like the airline is just phoning it in?

Take me quickly in your arms; I fear I may be dying!

Was s’posed to be in flight by now, but only Time is flying . . .

These long delays are hardly new, nor cancellations, lost

Bushels of baggage, nor the way the airlines jack the cost

Of tickets by these add-on fees that fleece us out of breath–

It’s just that cumulatively, these may make us long for death.


Is this really the meaning of my life, or just my own emotional baggage?

So after all the schlepping ’round from gate to gate to gate,

the pat-downs and the x-rays–oh, I fear it is too late!

Defibrillate my fainting heart; revive my flattened will . . .

This airport life’s hard to survive when I’ve such time to kill!


I hate to be uncharitable, but it all seems so empty . . .

The BEST holidays

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